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  • A specialized team of lawyers will provide you with legal advice and guidance on complicated real estate issues.
  • Do not hesitate to reach us 24/7 through our contact information given below.
  • Our lawyers will drive with you to the location of your property.
  • You will not have to worry about insurance or any forms of deeds anymore as our lawyers will take care of them.
  • Our lawyers will brief you on everything you need to know about selling and purchasing properties so you can use the knowledge to your benefit.
  • You will not have to concern yourself about any paperwork as the lawyers will take care of everything.
  • You will get the best affordable prices in our firm.

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Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton

About Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton

Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton is a real state legal firm providing clients with supreme real estate expertise for decades.

Our primary purpose is to reach out and help people seeking to buy properties in Edmonton and ensure the investments they make are worth it.

We want our clients to gain the most terrific deal out of any situation.

Our lawyers are multidisciplinary and are specialists in many areas.

We will go out and beyond to advise and guide our clients through any complex situation.

As a result, we have a success rate of 98 percent and always manage to strike up deals and contracts in our clients’ best interest.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose a real estate lawyer to guide you while buying your first or even tenth property, you must always go for highly experienced lawyers.

You will find top-rated and most experienced lawyers in our firm who guarantee you do not face any sort of deception.

We aim to please and protect our clients’ interests.

We seek to bring the best offers and struck up beneficial contracts between our client and the real estate agent.

If you choose us, rest assured you will not be cheated and will come out with an incredible deal that will benefit you in the present and future.

Our Services

Edmonton Residential Real Estate Lawyer has specialized lawyers in a wide range of areas regarding real estate law.

In the list given below, you will find all the services you can expect to benefit from if you choose to hire your real estate lawyer from our company.

1. Insurance

The residential real estate lawyer will make sure insurance is arranged before the transfer and mortgage on titles. If insurance is not arranged, you are bound to face loss when the transactions are closed.

2. Title Insurance

As a purchaser, you will need to obtain title insurance in order to protect yourself from unpaid utility and realty tax bills from the previous owner. In addition, the lawyers will help you obtain title insurance to protect you from fraud, building code issues, and intrusion on your neighbor’s land.

3. Sale of Property

The lawyer will make sure you get the best deal and provide you with fraud protection when you sell your property.

4. Purchase of Property

The residential real estate lawyer will make certain you get the best deal and provide you with fraud protection when purchasing your property.

5. Real Property Report

When you sell a property, the purchaser will request a real property report, i.e., a survey and a compliance certificate. These documents can be challenging to obtain immediately and often take weeks. A residential real estate lawyer can make the process easier and help you obtain the documents quicker.

6. Mortgage Refinance

Due to unavoidable circumstances, you will need to refinance your mortgage by exchanging the new balance with your old mortgage. But, again, a lawyer can help you tread through such a procedure.

7. Interim or Bridge Financing

You will receive interim or bridge financing in a situation when you sell and purchase properties on the same day. The paperwork regarding interim and bridge financing can be complex, and a lawyer can help you deal with them.

8. Tax Adjustment

Our residential real estate lawyers will aid you with tax bills and the yearly tax transactions. For example, if you purchase the property, you will receive a tax credit on a purchase, and if you sell, you will receive a tax credit on sale.

9. Payment Requirements

While paying, you need to provide two pieces of government-issued identification, void cheque, authorization form, and fill up documents if you pay cash above a certain amount. Again, a lawyer can aid you through these complicated procedures.

How Can We Help?

In Edmonton, the Residential Real Estate Lawyer has a group of multidisciplinary lawyers who can help you in various matters and legal issues you might face while purchasing or selling a property.

Naturally, we wish to make your life as stress-free as possible.

However, given below is a list of difficulties you might find complex that we can take care of on your behalf with our expertise.

  • Residential real estate disputes and litigation
  • Disbursements
  • Different forms of deeds
  • Encroachments
  • Title Review
  • Power of attorney
  • Compliance issues
  • Debt payments
  • Late closings’ interest

Get In Touch with Us

Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton is eager to help you as you take the next big step towards your journey of owning your own property. We are constantly ready to help you in any way you require. You can get in touch with us for more information seven days a week at any hour of the day and night. You can communicate with us via email at    or call us at +1 866-474-7777

Frequently Asked Questions

While choosing a real estate lawyer, you must choose a lawyer from a firm with a high success rate and long-term expertise.

These firms usually have lawyers who are specialized and have years of experience.

They can help you with all the legal guidance you require, such as Edmonton Residential Real Estate Lawyer.

Lawyers in the Edmonton Residential Real Estate Lawyer firm are dedicated, and we put ourselves entirely out there to help our clients.

We always make sure our clients understand everything in details and guide them from the beginning till the end.

Yes, you should hire a lawyer while purchasing or selling a home.

This is because you will need to sign several contracts during such a process and take care of various money transactions.

If you hire a legal representative, you can rest assured everything will be valid, and you will not lose any money in any fabricated transaction or contracts. 

You will need to carry two forms of government-issued identifications like State-Issued Driver’s License, Passport, or State Issued Identification Card.

When you purchase a real estate property, it is essential to review the property title to ensure property ownership transfer

If the title is not cleared and transferred correctly, you will face problems in the future both regarding ownership and while selling the property.

You can face real estate litigation in various situations such as homeowners’ association disputes, property defects, boundary disputes, contract breach, landlord-tenant disputes, construction defects, etc.

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