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  • Our lawyers have the same experience of helping clients from all around the country in buying and selling commercial properties.
  • We have a team of experienced and skilled commercial real estate lawyer in Edmonton to help you regarding all real estate issues.
  • We constantly update ourselves with the ever-changing market trends to help our clients know what steps to make it a successful project.
  • We can also help you find a large or small space location where there will be higher chances of gaining profits from your business.
  • Our lawyers will try their level best, so you get the deal at a much affordable rate.
  • You don’t have to worry about anything, as our top-rated lawyers will take everything, starting from the paperwork to the final closure of the deal.
  • You can contact us anytime for a free consultation with no extra charges and conditions. We are available 24/7 to help you around whenever you need them.

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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Edmonton

About Edmonton Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

We are one of the leading and most experienced law firms in Edmonton for more than a decade.

Our lawyers know how to deal with things when and how regarding commercial real estates for maximizing profit.

No matter how complicated the case is, you can depend on us for any case.

Besides, we offer services at a much affordable price than similar law firms because nothing is important to us than our client’s interests.

We know how important commercial real estate can be for your business to flourish.

Hence, you can trust us with your estate, and we will be there to assist you from the starting date of the handover until the finalization date.

In addition, we will always find our lawyers to serve you whenever you need.

So if you choose us, you will undoubtedly make the right decision for your business.

Why Choose Us?

Whether be it buying, selling or leasing a property, office building, land or even apartment, our lawyer can help you with all problems related to commercial real estate.

In fact, we have a dedicated team of an experienced and skilled lawyer to deal with these cases, no matter how complex it is.

Our lawyers have all types of expertise to solve any problems, and we offer 100% assurance that you will not face any fraudulence.

Our target is to please and protect our client’s interests at all costs.

That’s why we try to bring the best offers in town that will for sure be a successful project for our clients.

Moreover, we offer a free consultation without any conditions.

We will be more than obliged to help you anytime.

So feel free to contact us at +1 866-474-7777 or email us at whenever you feel the need to.

Hence, if you choose us, you can rest assured that you will not be cheated.

Instead, you will be able to extend your business by cracking incredible deals that will bring you benefits both in the present and future.

What Services Do We Offer?

We have a team of top-rated and specialized lawyers having ample experience in commercial real estate laws.

Below is a list of the services you will get by hiring from us:

1. Buying and selling commercial property

Generally, purchasing and selling commercial property is a big investment and can bring in a lot of benefits if you can choose the right one. But, similarly, the wrong one can doom you. Our lawyer will ensure a maximum profit by making you alert of all crucial factors.

2. Buying and Selling Commercial Land

Like commercial property, the land can also play a vital factor and can either take you to the peak of success or failure. Additionally, lands can come with a lot of unknown risks. Our lawyer will take care of these things and let you know about all the pros and cons. So you can easily decide which will be a better option.

3. Commercial Leasing

Commercial leasing can be a headache if not done properly. Therefore, our services also include these, so you get an accurate estimation of all the expenses.

4. Business Purchase and Sale Agreements

These agreements are very crucial as they contain all the terms and conditions of both parties (buyer and seller). Even the slightest mistake in these agreements can be dangerous. All our lawyers are specialist in making these contracts, so both parties have nothing to worry about.

5. Lending and Borrowing Agreements

Lending agreements is a formal agreement between a lender and a borrower containing all the loan details. Our lawyer will make the entire process easier and will check all the essential facts. So you don't get deceived anyway.

6. Refinancing

Our lawyer will make the entire loan process easier and faster for you so you can pay the lowest interest rates.

7. Landlord legal advice

As a landlord, there are several things that you need to be aware of so you get the maximum profits from your land. Our lawyer can guide you through the entire process from scratch to the end.

8. Tenant Legal Advice

Like the landlord, a tenant also has some rights, and if you face any injustice, we will be there to assist you whenever you need.

9. Payment Requirements

While paying, you need to provide two pieces of government-issued identification, void cheque, authorization form, and fill up documents if you pay cash above a certain amount. Again, a lawyer can aid you through these complicated procedures.

How Can We Help?

Dealing with commercial lands can be quite stressful, time-consuming, costly and complicated.

So, whether you are planning to start a new company or want to grow your current one, or search to purchase or sell, having the right commercial estate lawyer is someone you need.

Our lawyer will guide you on all the legal processes and, if needed, will take all steps to protect your properties.

All our lawyers are highly qualified to help your company grow from a small area to a more prominent area, where you can expand your business to another level.

Our main goal is to address any issues before they take larger shapes to avoid any future problems.

As a result, we give 100% assurance that you can grow your investments with minimum risk chances.

Because we know how important as an asset a commercial land can be, and we don’t want you to face any losses.

Get In Touch with Us

We have an experienced lawyer team having the exact knowledge for dealing with all sorts of real estate law.

In fact, we are one of Canada’s largest and skilled law firms that offer the best service at the most affordable rate. 

You can communicate with us via email at    or call us at +1 866-474-7777

Frequently Asked Questions

Go through the below most asked questions in case you have any queries in your mind to solve:

Real estate law handles all the laws and litigations concerning the properties.

It can be any building or lands that are reserved for either residential or commercial use.

Commercial real estate law takes care of everything, starting from selling to transferring commercial properties, such as commercial rents, land use, certifying, zoning problems, etc.

In other words, the lands reserved for making a profit from them are known as commercial real estate.

And the law that deals with all things related to commercial purposes is known as  Commercial real estate law.

Commercial property lawyers are held accountable for handling all types of legal procedures, transactions and problems of both controversial and non-controversial properties.

Their main goal is to help the clients purchasing, selling or leasing commercial real estate properties.

To simply state, they act as a middle man between a  company and a property they want to buy for their companies.

Purchasing or leasing a commercial property is a huge investment that comes with many detailed works, risks and complications.

Although it is possible to buy a property by oneself, still there exists a high chance of missing out on crucial facts that may result in future problems.

That's why to avoid facing such complexities; you must hire an Edmonton commercial real estate lawyer.

Commercial real estate brokerage is a kind of bank investment, but instead of personal properties, it acts as a commercial property.

The brokerage acts as a team of people who connects property sellers with the buyers.

If a deal gets finalized, they usually take a percentage from the deal referred to as a commission, ranging from 3-10%.

Yes, because a broker will try to convince you by all means to buy the land.

All the earnings of a broker directly depend on the deal finalization.

While, a lawyer will make you aware of all the facts regarding the land, whether it will be a success or a loss projects, risks or any complications.

Hence, even if hiring a lawyer costs more, it is worth paying and hiring them.

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