How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton?

How to find a good real estate lawyer in Edmonton? Everyone dreams of buying a house at some point in their lives. However, buying or selling a house can be a complicated task. There are numerous paperwork, negotiations, and legal procedures to follow.

If you intend to buy or sell a house, you need a real estate lawyer in Edmonton. And not just any real estate lawyer but a good one.

This article will focus on everything you need to know about real estate lawyers. We will investigate how to find an excellent real estate lawyer in Edmonton with tips and questions that should be asked before hiring the top one in the business.

The Job of a Real Estate Lawyer

First things first, we need to know what the real estate lawyer actually can do for you. For example, why would you need to hire a good real estate lawyer to buy or sell a house?

The primary function of a real estate lawyer is to handle commercial and residential property transactions. In addition, they represent clients with several settlements and transactional purposes.

An Experienced Residential Real
Estate Lawyer Can Help You Get
Better Deal

Some real estate lawyers’ tasks involve short sales, foreclosure, leasing, and run-of-the-mill buying and selling. They will oversee the closing agreement between their client and the property owner. In addition, their job is to ensure lawful paperwork before signing off the papers.

Some would opt for escrow companies for these kinds of works. However, an escrow company cannot provide you with legal counseling. Moreover, escrow companies are incapable of fighting legal battles related to real estate transactions.

Therefore, you should consider hiring a good real estate lawyer for buying or selling a property.

How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer in Edmonton: 4 Effective Tips

Purchasing or selling a property is one of the most complex tasks. You will need an excellent real estate lawyer to do the legal works. How do you choose the top one in the business? Here are 4 tips to guide the selection process:

Step 1: Interviewing Several Candidates

Every real estate law firm will advertise providing the reputed service for their clients. However, all of them may not be competent to handle your case. In addition, your situation may be different from any other client they have handled. Therefore, it is always reputed to interview several lawyers before picking the one most suitable for your case.

Step 02: The Experience Level of the Lawyer

The interview process should bring out the experience level of the lawyer. This is the first thing you must consider before choosing any lawyer. An experienced real estate lawyer is skilled in handling special cases like yours. Moreover, experienced Lawyers are capable of overcoming hurdles along the way to get you the affordable deal.

Step 03: The Local Popularity of the Lawyer

You must realize that buying or selling a property is a vastly local matter. As a result, the lawyer you choose should be familiar with the regional pricing, indexing, taxes, and neighborhood impacts over the property’s price. Thus, choosing a lawyer with immense local popularity should be the next thing ticked on your list.

Step 04: Your Compatibility with the Lawyer

Once all the technical aspects are fulfilled, you should also focus on being comfortable and compatible with your lawyer. Therefore, you should pick a lawyer who makes you feel trusted and approachable with your issues.

5 Questions to Ask in A Meeting with A Real Estate Lawyer  

The tips mentioned above can only guide you in choosing a good lawyer. So, what do you ask when you are interviewing a Lawyer? Here are 5 must-asked questions when in a meeting with a real estate lawyer:

What Experienced Do You Have with Real Estate Law?

The first question should come about the lawyer’s real estate law knowledge and experience. You would want to hire someone well-known and worked several years of a professional career working as a real estate Lawyer.

Therefore, you should inquire about the years of practicing real estate cases, the number of real estate transactions handled, and powerful stories that stand out among those cases.

Can You Present Referees to Vouch for You?

The next thing is to ask a real estate lawyer for clients to vouch for them. This means asking for references so that you can check up on the authenticity.

The references should not be colleagues, friends, or family members. If a real estate lawyer is hesitant to provide you with such a piece of information, think twice before hiring him or her.

What Kind of Issues Can Arise During the Negotiation?

It is crucial to get an in-depth analysis of real estate lawyers during the interview. Therefore, you should consider asking about specific issues that the lawyer assumes to arise during the negotiation process.

A good Lawyer should predict some common issues that might arise before the closing of the deal. The lawyer should also be able to provide proper answers on ways to handle those issues.

Are You a Title Agent as Well?

Many real estate Lawyers also work as title agents. During the closing process of buying or selling the property, a real estate Lawyer and a title agent work together to form the final paperwork.

If the real estate lawyer also works as a title agent, the closing process may be delayed. This could also harm the final negotiation.

Will You Be Willing to Work On My Particular Case?

Hiring a good lawyer is not a one-way process. Experienced Lawyers will always have a massive workload under their belt. Therefore, you need to know whether the lawyer you want to pick has enough time to provide for your case or not.

In some cases, the lawyer may end up passing the case to an associate or a paralegal. While this is not the sign of a good lawyer, a skilled and busy Lawyer might also end up doing this. Therefore, it would be best to consider inquiring about the associate or paralegal’s experience and skill level in such situations.


The process of buying or selling a home can be frustrating, tricky, and complex. Therefore, it is always smart to seek lawyer support who is skilled, experienced, and professional.

When you are hiring a lawyer, you should follow the 4 steps of how to find a good real estate lawyer in Edmonton. You may think it will increase the overall cost. However, the work they put in is totally worth it. In the end, it is never a wrong decision to hire a real estate lawyer to fight your case.