How Much are Lawyer Fees for Buying House?

When buying a property, the budget is a very crucial factor. But in most cases, people usually forget to take the lawyer’s fees into account. It is a big mistake. Hiring a real estate lawyer is a smart move as he deals with property, sale, lease, acquisition or building licenses, etc.

So, before getting into the whole process, get an idea of how much are lawyer fees for buying a house. Then, it is a legit investment that will save you from a huge discrepancy.

What Is a Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate lawyer assists individuals and professionals with their real estate projects. It can be the construction, rental, sale, or purchase of a property, whether commercial space, an office, or even a dwelling.

They are rained in the laws governing real estate and town planning and the many other standards associated with these areas. As a result, the real estate lawyer can advise his clients in:

  • Planning,
  • Financial law,
  • Property development law,
  • Property law,
  • Construction,
  • Insurance law,
  • Environmental law as well as
  • Lease contracts

His mission is to clarify points, defend one or the other parties, and draw up various and varied contracts.

How Much are Lawyer Fees for Buying House: Price of a Real Estate Lawyer

The fees of a real estate lawyer range from 150$ t0 350$ on average. It is an approximate calculation because a multitude of factors can make prices vary up and down. The service that a real estate lawyer can offer you will depend largely on the type of case.

However, we can establish a price range that goes from 50$ for the consultation and resolution of a simpler real estate issue to more than 1,500$ in cases. These are the cases where an experienced attorney can do a great job within the real estate field.

Thanks to hiring a real estate lawyer, he will solve and advise you on various matters. For example,

  • He will help you when you need the information to draw up a deposit contract,
  • He will help carry out a real estate acquisition, manage a rental or leasing, or consult urban regulations.

Normally, in the first consultation with a real estate lawyer, he listens to the problem and offers a professional plan. Then, he spends a few minutes at the end of the conversation to discuss the price of the entire service (how and how much it costs to hire).

In this first consultation, both parties clarify the economic amount involved in hiring and legal advice of a real estate attorney. Many lawyers offer the first consultation free of charge to know the scope of the case and the economic capacity of their client.

Real Estate Lawyers with Fixed Prices

In other cases, lawyers specializing in real estate issues choose to establish fixed payments. Again, it is because they know the variability of prices that can occur during a taxing process. That’s why they fix prices that are agreed upon before starting the legal relationship. Usually, the flat rate is 500$ to 1500$.

Payments are usually made in instalments. The first payment is paid for the management and travel expenses. After that, it is paid in the form of the provision of funds required during the process.

When you hire a real estate lawyer, you have to know that no way can help you know how much it costs. A lawyer, in this case, real estate, can charge the fees he wants, as long as the client accepts them. It’s all a matter of negotiating the price with them.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Lawyer Worth the Money?

In reality, there is no best lawyer; there are only lawyers more or less suited to the needs of a certain type of client. So the secret is to choose not the best lawyer ever, but the best lawyer for you!

Criteria 1: Specialized in Real Estate

The first aspect to consider, the most relevant ones, is obviously the in-depth knowledge of the particular subject. In our case, real estate or civil law. Let’s say that 90% of your choice must be made on this.

Many believe that a lawyer can know in-depth and effectively the whole wide world of law. Unfortunately, it is a totally wrong belief.

Criteria 2: Reputation

The reputation of the lawyer can be a very important criterion in your choice. But, first, find out what people say about him. Despite all those who consider it obsolete and out of fashion, word of mouth is still alive and well. So do not hesitate to contact friends and relatives for further valuable information.

When word of mouth is not enough, you can also search the web to find opinions and consultations. It is good to search on the internet and note the names of the lawyers who work in a specific geographical area. If the law firm has a website, you can visit it and find all the necessary information (e.g., curriculum, areas of activity, skills, telephone numbers, etc.).

Criteria 3: Relationship of Trust

Fundamentally, a relationship of mutual respect and trust is established between the client and the lawyer. The client must choose a lawyer with whom he can communicate peacefully and whom he trusts. Transparency should not be considered an optional but an essential element.

Criteria 4: Experience

The biggest fear of all those looking for a real estate lawyer is to put themselves in the hands of an inexperienced person. To avoid this danger, it is a good idea to ask the lawyer if he has ever dealt with a similar issue in the past.

Usually, a lawyer who has been practicing for many years is considered more experienced and competent; however, age is not the only factor to consider. A good lawyer can be defined as such only if he has the desire and the ability to adapt to change.

Final Words

Buying a house doesn’t only cost you money for the property itself, but there is more expenditure associated. And hiring a real estate attorney is essential. A lawyer specializing in real estate law is the best decision to aspire to solve your case quickly and effectively. So, before digging deep into this matter, you need to know how much are lawyer fees for buying a house.