As a client, you hold more power than you think. It would help if you were honest with your lawyer and follow your lawyer's guidance to make the process smooth.

Please specify these issues with your lawyer at the beginning of the contract. Your lawyer may communicate with you physically or over the phone. However, the schedule should be discussed from before.

Whatever information you like to keep confidential will remain confidential. Although if there is a turn of events and any of that information needs to be used, your lawyer will consult with you.

Lawyers charge hourly, and this charge varies according to their experience and credentials.

Having sound knowledge about finances is a must. Besides, it would help if you were careful about the fact that whether the property has any lawsuit on it or not. No one enjoys a typical first experience.

I would say no. A home inspector is not a prerequisite in any law for buying or selling property. Thus, there is no need.

You can add conditions like inspection of the property or about the collection of the money.

The information must be disclosed before a property purchase: If any death on the premises, trouble in the neighborhood (if any), whatever damages are there, seller's information, things you will have to repair.

You must see whether the lawyer has any experience similar to your situation. Besides, you must check his credentials and success rate.

What you pay your lawyer is legal fees, and what he spends on behalf of you, which you will have to repay later, is disbursement. Therefore, the summation of legal fees and disbursement is the legal cost.

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