Do You Need a Lawyer to Buy a House in Edmonton?

A house is the most expensive and momentous property a person buys in his/her life. This property is a matter of a lifetime.

Therefore, it would help if you considered many factors here. Besides, if you want to sell it later, you have to make sure of the profitability of this investment.

We can say that this one is the biggest purchase decision in your life. A number of paperwork and legal proceedings is involved in this process.

That’s why it makes sense to ensure all the financial transactions, legal proceedings, and paperwork by a certified legal professional who can also give you some advices for smothering the process.

A real estate lawyer is a legal professional who can help you to buy your property easily. This one is a frequently asked question in Canada that, “do I need a lawyer to buy a house?”.

The answer is yes. There have many reasons for that. Keep reading to explore everything.

Do You Really Need a Lawyer to Buy a House in Canada?

Well, you have already got the answer which is yes. In most cases, hiring an attorney for buying a house is not legally mandatory. But it is helpful and very reasonable for you.

Now we will give you the things a lawyer can do in your house buying process to understand why you should hire one. These are as follows:


In the case of buying a house, you must negotiate with the other parties. If you are buying for the first time, it will not be the best negotiation.

Here, if you hire an experienced lawyer, you s/he can negotiate on behalf of you, and surely it will be lucrative for you. Besides, the term of the deal and some other important things have to be recorded in a contract for the legal bindings.

Preparing a contract is not such an easy task. Seller and buyers get only three days to review the contract finally. After these three days, none of them will be able to change the elements of that contract.

Besides, there have some legal formalities you need to do for making the contract. If you hire someone professional for this entire process, s/he will do everything on your behalf. Actually, lawyers know the best and hassle-free ways of doing all the legal process.

Property Transfers

When two or more parties are involved in an agreement, this property transfer process will be the most complicated one. The full process will be different according to the law states.

Here, if you hire an attorney for buying your property, he will easily be able to do that because s/he know all the rules, regulations and laws of the state. Therefore, your time and money will be saved.

Title Searches

Title searches are one of the most complex things that most people don’t know. This task is for ensuring that your property is free of any encumbrances like liens, judgments, and many other things like these.

A title search is essential for ensuring whether the seller of the property has the right to sell the property or not. You can do this title search if you want.

But seriously, it will take huge time and cost if you do it yourself. An experienced lawyer can do it faster than you, which is also more exact and authentic.

If the search result comes something problematic, the seller has to pay the lien or judgment before selling the property, and your lawyer can resolve this very easily.

In most cases, in this situation, lawyers try to arrange some compensation buyer for the delay. Moreover, the lawyer will help you to arrange a secure house for you.


Sometimes, the real estate deeds need to be filled at the state or country level, which is not an easy task for most people. Besides, there have a number of papers you need to fill up and register for buying a house.

So, in this kind of cases, you should hire an attorney. It is obviously worth it. He will make sure all the paperwork and forms are filled with the authorities very efficiently and fast.

Tax Issues

Tax is also a complicated thing in the case of buying a property. It would help if you made sure that all the taxes of the property are up to date. A lawyer can do it very easily if you hire one.

Actually, almost everything regarding the legal process is complex. Therefore, if you can want to do it yourself, you will surely be in trouble, and it will also cost a huge amount of money.

This thing is the same in the case of buying a house. So, considering all these things, we will say, hiring a lawyer is worth it. Now let’s talk about the cost of a real estate lawyer.

Well, the legal fees associated with a real estate attorney is dependent on many things. But the most important and effective thing is the complexity of the transaction.

Typically, you will get an experienced real estate attorney at $1000 to $2000. Here the most lawyers take flat rate payment.

But here the payment amount can be increased if you take some extra service like registering mortgage and some other like this. So, we can say the payment amount is also reasonable.

So, all these given things do a lawyer at this very reasonable payment rate. So, considering all this information, especially the payment amount and the services, you should hire a lawyer. It would be best if you had it.


Hiring a lawyer will help save your time and money. It also enables you to avoid different types of mistakes that you can make in the buying process. If you hire someone, you will easily be able to do it like a pro.

However, in this article, we have discussed whether you need a lawyer to buy a house in Canada. So, hopefully, you have got the answer.