Bought a House with Problems Not Disclosed in Edmonton, AB [What to do Now]

Before buying a new house, you need to consider few things about that house. Likewise, it would help if you also kept in mind that, when you are buying a house with a previous history, you will not find any house without any issues because no house is perfect. But the matter becomes worse when you buy a new house with issues not disclosed.

This situation is not that uncommon phenomenon. This also can be happened to you. Suppose you buy a new house by paying a good amount of money, then you notice that the heater is not working properly or some other issues. These kinds of situations can be a very depressing and upsetting moment for you.

If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, then you should not be panicked. This writing will discuss what you should do when you buy a house with the problem not disclosed in Canada. Keep reading for more.

How to Avoid Such a Terrible Situation?

In some cases, despite having enough observation and inspection, there are still some possibilities that your new house has some issues that the previous homeowner didn’t disclose to you. So finding yourself in such a situation can be very unfortunate and problematic.

But if you discover yourself in such a situation, then there are certain things that you can focus on. First and foremost, if you buy a house and have not done all these documents and title transferring with the previous owner. Then you do not officially own the house.

In that case, you are still under the contract. So if you want, you can cancel that contract. Usually, a contract means binding the agreement with the owner. When the buyer and the owner agree upon the price, terms, and conditions, you may agree with the seller. By binding an agreement, the seller cannot sell that house to another party.

Then again, when you give a final walkthrough to that house, you may spot some issues that were not disclosed at the time of the agreement. That is why, if you think that the problem is severe, then you shouldn’t move forward with that contract. So, this is the easiest way to avoid such a situation without any big penalty.   

Types of Problem That You Can Spot in a House

When you buy a house from another party, you are most likely not going to have a perfect house. There will be some minor or major issues. If you know about the problem of the house before buying it, you will get an idea about it. But when you spot the problems after making the contract, then it can be very troublesome.

That is why you need to be careful before buying your new house. Some common problems are widely found in an old house. And you can focus on those common problems. Who knows if you can spot the issues of that house?

Among all the problems, material defects problems are the most common. Some of the problem in a house can include the following list:  

  • Problems with house’s roof
  • Electric wiring problem
  • Water damage issues
  • Problems with plumbing
  • Foundation problems
  • Issues regarding lands and many more.

In most cases, fortunately, the seller will uncover all these issues for you during the house observation. But in that case, you need to ask them if there are any issues in their house. Also, when a seller is buying their house, they are not willing to spend any money on repairs. For that reason, you need to ask them during the agreement.

What Should You do If Find Any Issues after Signing The Contract?

The majority of the time, the problem of the house come to light after signing the contract. In some cases, it may take months or even years to spot the problem. In such cases, this is problematic, and the seller most like will not take any responsibility for those problems.

So, practically this is a big challenge and hassle for you. That is why there are certain things that you can do. They are listed in the following:

You Can Check the Home Warranty

For example, the room heater or any electric device is not working properly. In that case, you know that the previous owner will not take any responsibilities for the repairing. In that situation, there is still some hope.

Usually, those electric home devices come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You can give it a try and check the home warranty. When you claim for the home warranty, you will most likely get a free service from the warranty provider.

Ask The Seller to Fix It

If your seller or agent did not disclose the problem during the contract. And then, after some days or months, you spot the problem. Then you have the right to ask the seller to fix that problem. In some cases, there are some potential issues too. And those problems require time to discover.

For that reason, it is always wise and recommended to mention those issues in the contract agreement. It is mentioned in your contract that if you spot any problem or issues in the house that is not disclosed yet, the seller will repair with their money. 

Know Your Legal Rights

It is essential to explore and know your legal rights for several reasons. In most cases, when a person is a victim, they are confused about what to do next. And the majority of them need to repair those problems with their own money.

That is why you need to keep in mind that there are some legal rights regarding this issue. Each country has its own law and regulation. More specifically, you will find the ‘buyer beware’ law in this regard.

In the buyer beware law, it is your responsibility to find out and discover all the problems during a home inspection. It would help if you did your research before buying your home. But this does not mean that the seller has no liability. If the seller lied to you to hide any problem, the seller also has to take the liability.

Seek Professional Help

This is one of the most common and helpful ways to get rid of those problems. Sometimes, all those legal rights may seem very confusing to you. Also, when you ask for legal action, you will need some proof of monetary loss. Gathering and collecting those proofs can be difficult for you.

In that cases, a legal professional representative can help you out. And, of course, you can take your issues to court through your legal representative. An attorney will work as a mediator and will try to settle the case without any trouble.

The Bottom Line

Disclosing any problem as a new homeowner can be a very upsetting and depressing moment for an individual. So, no matter when you spot the problem before or after making the contract. You should not give it lightly. You can immediately inform the seller or your agent.

If you spot the problem after buying the house. Then the seller may not help you like before. For that reason, to get compensation, you can seek professional legal help. Hopefully, from this above writing, you know what you should do when you buy a house with the problems not disclosed in Canada.